About us

Emotions are the world's common language. It shapes every facet of our lives, from our experiences to our relationships. In the digital world emotional intelligence is either absent or oversimplified. Our mission is simple, we want to bring emotions to the digital world, and enrich technology for all.

TotalEmotion is a technology company developing and licensing solutions for real-world, real-time emotion analysis.

“Emotions are a window to the mind, and facial expressions are the interface by which we detect those emotions. Technology providers are familiar with the importance of user engagement, but imagine how more powerful that engagement could be if you knew a user's emotional state as they interact with your device or service. Any interaction that takes into account how a user is feeling will be so much richer than anything, which is traditionally offered. Our goal at TotalEmotion is to revolutionize user interaction.”

Our software using state of the art computer vision algorithm to analyses facial expressions and has a multitude of applications.